HI! My name is Lora D. Williams RN

I started my career in Healthcare as a Certified Nursing Assistant at the age of 16. I enrolled into a Nurse Aide program in the year of 2000 to gain the skills needed to be able to care for my grandparents.

20 years later looking back; I didn’t realize that it would become so much more.. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. I believe that CNA's are the backbone of healthcare.

My experience as a Nurse Aide Instructor has afforded me the opportunity to educate, engage, develop curricula, and cultivate N.A. students. Throughout my Nursing career I have trained and developed teams in many healthcare settings. I have proven methods and creative ways to connect and improve quality metrics.

Every aspect of life involves impacting others. I'm an Author, Consultant, International Speaker, and Philanthropist. I am passionate about helping people from all walks of life. My experience range from developing and overseeing programs that empower people; to traveling to Africa to ensure that families have their needs met by ensuring that there are no barriers to education; to investing in the access to clean water.

As you can see education is a common thread throughout my life. I'm excited to connect with you!